vShare Helper is a useful tool that helps us to easily install vShare onto our iOS devices, using either a Mac or Windows computer. vShare is home to a whole heap of apps, games and other premium content from the iOS app store without having to pay for it and you can find full instructions on how to Download vShare Helper using the links here.

Image : Delete vShare Helper

How to Delete vShare Helper :

If you have installed it and, for one reason or another, you want to remove it, you will need to restore your device and there are two ways to do this , restore to factory settings or restore from an iTunes backup.

Method 1 : Restore to Factory Settings

This will erase everything from your iOS device, all your data and settings, and will restore to the latest iOS version :

  1. Make sure that you are on the latest iTunes version 
  2. Backup your data if you haven’t already done so  
  3. On your device, disable Find my iPhone | iPad , you can turn it back on later 
  4. Open iTunes and connect your device
  5. Input your passcode if requested and click Yes on Trust This Computer 
  6. Click on the iOS device that you want to restore in iTunes , only applicable if you have more than one device registered
  7. On the Device Summary page for that device, click on Restore 
  8. Click on Restore again just to confirm and wait , iTunes will now restore your device back to factory settings, installing the latest iOS version as it does so. 
  9. Your device will restart and you will be on the Hello screen ,  you can now set your device up again 

Method 2: Restore from iTunes Backup

  1. Open iTunes and connect your device
  2. Enter your passcode if requested and click Yes to Trust this Computer 
  3. Choose your device on iTunes and go to the Device Summary page
  4. Now choose Restore Backup 
  5. A list of your backup will appear, choose the one that you want and click on it 
  6. Click on Restore and wait while iTunes restores your device from your chosen backup  
  7. You may need to enter your password for your backup during the process
  8. Wait for your device to restart , do not disconnect it as it will need to sync with your PC, then you can disconnect your device and start using it again

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